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Product Description

These plastic-free tree hedgerow-guards are made from a water-resistant board, which has been coated to give it additional protection. They are designed to last, outside, for at least 3 years - and then will eventually biodegrade. They are suitable for paper/board recycling. Supplied as standard in green, flat. Three versions are available, 50w x 450h, 50w x 600h and 50w x 750h. Available in 20/100/250/500/box. (Please note: these items may be delivered by pallet, due to the size, please let us know when you order if this is likely to be an issue). There's no need to collect these hedgerow-guards in, they can simply be left in situ to disintegrate. For more information on this product, you can visit


Product Code

Plastic-free Hedgerow-Guards (protection for young hedgerow plants)

Product Code HRG5

Plastic-free tree hedgerow-guards Available in three different sizes. Designed to last outside for at least three years.