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Product Description

Our Earthboard Eco cake-drums are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cake drums – they are both recyclable, and compostable. Instead of traditional foil/plastic coatings, they use water-based coatings as the grease/moisture barrier. Our Earthboard Eco cake-drums are either 4500 micron (4.5mm) or 6000 micron (6mm) and either silver or gold, with a white reverse side. They are available in seven sizes: 6” diameter; 7” diameter; 8” diameter; 9” diameter; 10in diameter; 11in diameter, and 12in diameter. We supply them 25/pack.

We can also supply Earthboard Eco cake-drums custom printed, subject to MOQs. Ask us for details!


Product Code

Earthboard Eco recyclable cake drums

Product Code CDG10-45

Recyclable cake drums. Available in silver or gold, and in either 4500 or 6000 micron.