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Make plastic-free tree shelters part of your tree-planting programme
WITH tree-planting season looming on the horizon, it might be a good time to look at our plastic-free tree-shelters - a sustainable, recyclable and compostable alternative to traditional plastic tree-guards.
Earthpouches - but with a window
ONE of the questions we're often asked about our plastic-free recyclable Earthpouch is can I have a window? Lots of food producers (and non-food producers) want potential buyers to be able to see their product.
Bread & Jam - the coolest place to be...
WITH temperatures forecast to edge close to 40 degrees tomorrow - hotter than almost anywhere in the world -, and London very much in the ‘red zone’, I think it is fair to say it's not the ideal day to be holding a trade show.
Custom printed Earthpouches
ONE question we're often asked is about printing our recyclable plastic-free Earthpouches. We sell them on here in plain, in three sizes, but they can of course be supplied fully printed. 
Recyclable vacuum pouches available to buy now
RECYCLABLE vacuum pouches have now been added to our Field & Fare  online offering.