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Earthpouches - but with a window
ONE of the questions we're often asked about our plastic-free recyclable Earthpouch is can I have a window? Lots of food producers (and non-food producers) want potential buyers to be able to see their product.
Bread & Jam - the coolest place to be...
WITH temperatures forecast to edge close to 40 degrees tomorrow - hotter than almost anywhere in the world -, and London very much in the ‘red zone’, I think it is fair to say it's not the ideal day to be holding a trade show.
Custom printed Earthpouches
ONE question we're often asked is about printing our recyclable plastic-free Earthpouches. We sell them on here in plain, in three sizes, but they can of course be supplied fully printed. 
BREAD & Jam Festival is a great show, aimed at food start-ups and entrepreneurs - and Field & Fare will be there.