Recyclable cake-drums added to Field & Fare

Recyclable cake-drums added to Field & Fare

WE'VE added recyclable cake drums to our product range - with these eco-friendly alternatives available in a range of sizes. 

Our Earthboard Eco Cake-Drums use sustainable, water-based barrier coatings to give the required grease/moisture barrier, providing the same functionality as traditional cake-drums - with the crucial advantage that they are easily recyclable.

Earthboard Eco Cake-Drums are available in gold or silver (pearlescent coatings) and in sizes ranging from 6in to 12in. Initially we have listed them as circular boards, but square boards, and other colours, would be potentially available subject to interest. 

Mark Lingard, Marketing Manager, said: “A recyclable cake-drum is something we have been asked for many times over the last few years, so it's great to finally be able to offer this product. This development really has come due to popular demand…

“Two versions are available, one is 4500 microns in thickness, and the other is 6000 microns in thickness.”

Our Earthboard Eco Cake-Drums - easily recyclable as part of the paper/board recycling stream - are available in bundles of 25. 

We also offer Earthboard Eco Cake-Boards, available in a range of sizes, which are available in silver/white or gold/white. 

Both cake-drums and cake-boards are also potentially available custom printed, subject to MOQs.