Recyclable cake boards now available from Field & Fare

Recyclable cake boards now available from Field & Fare

SIRANE has launched a fully recyclable cake-board to the market - and those boards are now available to purchase direct from Field & Fare.

Traditional cake-boards are either foil-backed or lined with plastic to give the required grease/moisture barrier – but Sirane (owners of the Field & Fare brand) has developed a cost-effective alternative.

Our new Earthboard Eco cake-boards are barrier-coated boards. The eco-friendly water-based coating gives the boards the required grease/moisture barrier – but crucially the board can easily be recycled in the paper/board recycling stream.

Ross Griffin, director of board products, said: “Recent stats show that in the UK alone we spend £368m a year on cakes. Many of these will use cake-boards, and the vast majority – if not all – will currently end up in landfill or incinerated.

“We can supply a recyclable alternative, which does the same job, at virtually the same cost – in fact in some cases, we can actually offer a cost saving.

“This is a sustainable, plastic-free, recyclable packaging solution which functions in exactly the same way, and offers a range of additional branding options.”

The new Earthboard Eco cake-boards are available in pearlescent coatings, including silver, gold and black, as standard. We can also supply any Pantone colour subject to MOQs, and we can also supply the boards with custom printing/branding.

Ross added: “Whether it’s corporate colours for a retailer, or branding based on Christmas or Easter, we can offer a huge range of options to anyone selling cakes.”

Standard sizes are 6in, 7in, 8in, 9in, 10in, 11in and 12in, circular and square. However, we can supply any size/shape as required. We can also supply patisserie boards.

Our Earthboard Eco cake-boards are 1550 micron (approximately 1.5mm) and we can also offer a double thickness board, which is 3100 micron (approximately 3mm).