Plastic-free tree-shelters - get prepared for the tree-planting season

Plastic-free tree-shelters - get prepared for the tree-planting season

TREE planting season is around the corner – so now’s the time to order our plastic-free tree-shelters and ensure your planting programme is sustainable.

Sirane (the company behind Field & Fare) developed the eco tree-shelter as a sustainable, recyclable and plastic-free alternative to the plastic-guards commonly used to protect young trees.

Our Earthboard tree-shelters use a unique water-resistant board, which is additionally coated to give all the properties required to last outside for many years.

Mark Lingard, marketing manager, said: “With a minimum order of just 20 tree-guards, our plastic-free shelters can be used for even small planting projects - so now is the time to get your orders in.

“The eco tree-shelters are supplied flat-packed, and simply fold out and pop into place, so are really easy to carry out to planting sites, however inaccessible they are. They are a truly sustainable solution.

“They will last years in the wild, before eventually biodegrading. What can be better than trees protecting trees?…"

Here’s not just one, not two, but 18 very good reasons to choose our tree-shelters. 

  1. UK manufactured – made in Telford at our board conversion site
  2. Plastic-free tree-shelter solution
  3. Our eco tree-shelters are PLA-free
  4. Made from the most sustainable and recycled materials from managed forests
  5. Additional barrier coating is vegetable/plant based and food safe
  6. Our eco tree-shelters are biodegradable
  7. Fully recyclable in the paper waste stream / kerbside collectable.
  8. Shipped flat-packed in pallet boxes with up to 2,000 per pallet – as many as 96,000 tree-shelters can be shipped on one lorry.
  9. Easy to assemble and stake with no need to kneel on the ground
  10. No plastic or tricky cable ties are needed
  11. Easy to carry more out in one go in a backpack or bag for planting.
  12. No need to collect at end of life – can be left in situ
  13. Test sites show excellent comparative results for tree growth versus plastic guards
  14. Proven for over 3 and a half years in situ, expectation 5 years plus
  15. Various sizes available for young trees 60cm / 75cm / 120cm. We also offer shub-guards and hedgerow guards
  16. Competitively priced tree-shelter solution
  17. Our eco tree-shelters are Ideal for companies and organisations wanting to get involved in planting trees and carbon off-setting
  18. NEW brandable options for brands and organisations wanting to engage with communities, enhance marketing, advertise for years etc. We can print anything from a logo up to full colour, fully branded tree-shelters

More than 2 million trees are planted every year in the UK alone – meaning a massive amount of plastic could be removed from the environment.

Ross Griffin, director of board products, said: “Drive up and down any motorway in the UK, and you’ll see plastic tree guards – Sirane (and Field & Fare) offers a viable alternative.

“Our tree-guards have been in development for a while, with design alterations along the way to ensure they survive in the wild for as long as is needed.

“They will last the requisite amount of time in the wild but will eventually biodegrade and disappear into the soil, feeding the tree they have spent years protecting.

Standard sizes are 60x10x107and 75x10x10 (120x10x10 and 150x10x10 also sold, but direct orders only. We also offer shrub guards – 60x15x15 (also used for some faster-growing trees) and recently added a hedgerow guard which is 45, 60 or 75x5x5.

For more information, email Corissa Haycock at or visit our dedicated eco tree-shelters website which is