International Coffee Day - time to celebrate coffee, but also time to rethink packaging...

International Coffee Day - time to celebrate coffee, but also time to rethink packaging...

OCTOBER 1 is International Coffee Day. Time to celebrate one of the world’s favourite drinks. But could this also be the perfect day for the coffee roasters of the world to take stock of their packaging.

Sirane offers a range of coffee packaging solutions, perfect for coffee roasters – especially the many coffee roasters offering e-commerce. And the coffee bags available here on Field & Fare  are both sustainable and recyclable…

Our Earthpouch is a plastic-free, paper-based and paper-recyclable stand-up pouch which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffee bags – and we already have a number of coffee roasters as customers, both in the UK and overseas.

Mark Lingard, Marketing Manager, said: “The Earthpouch coffee bags sold here on Field & Fare  offer a sustainable coffee bag solution for ground coffee and coffee beans, without the need for a valve.

“The pouches give the required shelf-life for the packaged coffee… and of course when they are used, disposal is simple, they just go in the paper recycling stream. It's the ideal solution when it comes to recycling.

“If you’re a coffee roaster in be sure to find out more about the Earthpouch – you can order a sample pack here online - and also the other packaging solutions we can offer which are aimed at e-commerce.”

Earthpouches  from Field & Fare (available in plain, white and brown Kraft) can be supplied as stand-up pouches (in three sizes) or as 1kg quad-seal pouches - indeed, the quad-pack from Sirane for packaging freshly roasted coffee beans won the silver award in sustainable packaging design awards in Australia earlier this year.

Our partners in Australia, TCL Hofmann, entered the Mikro Coffee Roasters quad-pack in the PIDA Awards - where it earned silver in the award’s Food Design of the Year category earlier this year.

The Mikro Coffee Roasters pack is a custom printed version of the 1kg Earthpouch Quad sold here on Field & Fare – made into a fully branded coffee bag, to pack their high-end coffee product.

In their entry, TCL Hofmann wrote: “What makes the packaging solution unique, is the reduction and removal of what was traditionally thought of as a requirement in the coffee industry, which is both the non-recyclable zip-lock and one-way valves. The well-considered and developed bio-polymer technology releases the carbon-dioxide that the beans emit after roasting and subdues the aroma and flavour profiles of the roasted blend within the pack.

“Effectively, the Earthpouch packaging solution can be re-used as a container or transportation vessel. By improvising and creating “dead-folds/rolls” along the top of the pack within the paper-substrate, consumers are then essentially “locking” in the freshness without the need for clips, zip-locks and labels which reduces waste and increases its re-usability. This is a testament to the technology within the coated fibres.

“Given that the product is 100% virgin fibre and printed using only water-based inks, it is conveniently targeted to its market as a “fully kerbside recyclable” packaging solution, one that does not jeopardise shelf-life and tasting notes or profiles in the coffee blends.”

Sirane coffee bags are sold plain here on Field & Fare, but can also be supplied custom printed, and all printing is done using water-based inks. The Mikro pouch also makes used of “satin metallic” printing on paper.

We can also offer e-commerce boxes – either plain or printed – designed to fit snugly around your coffee bags. We can also offer coffee bags in custom sizes, with boxes to suit, designed to take advantage of lower postage costs for boxes classed as a ‘large letter’.