Custom printed Earthpouches

Custom printed Earthpouches

ONE question we're often asked is about printing our recyclable plastic-free Earthpouches. We sell them on here in plain, in three sizes, but they can of course be supplied fully printed. 

Many of our customers are looking to grow as a business, and that may well mean at some point branded pouches become part of the conversation, or a point you're trying to reach.

Not only do we offer sustainable pouches, but we also offer eco-friendly printing. All our printing is done of our in-house water-based printing press. This basically means, in simple terms, water is used as the carrier for the inks, and there are no solvents used in the process (more on that can be found here).

We've also made other adjustments to our factory to cut our environmental impact, which includes all heat from the machines being re-directed into the factory (or outside) so we don't need heating. 

We have a new printing technology called Amethyst which also makes short runs easier, with no plate costs, so as and when you decide printed pouches are the way forward, get in touch.

There are variables, such as pouch size, colours used etc which may change our answer, but as a rough guide 10,000 pouches is where you need to for custom print, and there are circumstances in which we can go lower.