Buy your eco tree-shelters now - we have stock ready for tree-planting season

Buy your eco tree-shelters now - we have stock ready for tree-planting season

TREE planting season is nearly here – the perfect time to assess how sustainable your planting is - and get your orders placed for our plastic-free tree-shelters.

Sirane (the company behind Field & Fare) developed the eco tree-shelter as a sustainable, plastic-free and even recyclable alternative to the plastic tree-guards commonly used to protect young trees.

Trees planted three years ago using our shelters are faring well – and just as importantly so are our tree-shelters (pictured), which despite showing signs of degradation (which we want) look to have a few years left in them. 

Ross Griffin, director of board products, said: “The cherry tree was planted on an exposed site adjacent to our car park in Telford, Shropshire. Three years on, although it is showing obvious signs of having been outside, it is still very much intact.

“These eco-tree shelters can survive outside for years, and they are completely free of any plastics. There really is no reason to be putting plastic guards around trees - so make 2023 the year you switch to the eco tree-shelter.

“One of the advantages of our tree-shelters is that they do not need to be collected in. They can simply be left in situ – three years in and the shelter is showing the signs of biodegradation that we want, but it is still very much functional.”

Not needing to collect them in is just one of the many reasons to choose our sustainable tree-shelters for your tree-planting project this autumn. Our Earthboard tree-shelters use a unique water-resistant board, which is additionally coated to give all the properties required to last outside for many years.

They are manufactured in the UK, are PLA free, are biodegradable, last for many years. They are shipped flat-packed in pallet boxes with up to 2,000 per pallet – as many as 96,000 tree-shelters can be shipped on one lorry.

Our tree-shelters are easy to assemble and stake with no need to kneel on the ground, no plastic or tricky cable ties are needed, and the are lightweight (supplied flat packed) and easy to carry more out in one go in a backpack or bag for planting.

On Field & Fare we stock 60x10x10 & 75x10x10 (120x10x10, and 150x10x10 also available, ask for details). We also offer shrub guards – 60x15x15 (also used for some faster-growing trees) and smaller hedgerow guards which are 45, 60 or 75x5x5.

For more information on the tree-shelters, visit our dedicated eco tree-shelters website which is