FIELD & FARE (from Sirane)

Sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions & more... including stand-up pouches and quad-packs, salmon and charcuterie boards, cake boards and drums, tree-shelters, flower pouches!

Plastic-Free Packaging

Including stand-up pouches (Earthpouch)

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Recyclable Plastic Packaging

Our RePEat range

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Horticultural Products

Flower pouches & tree-shelters

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NEW: Recyclable cake-drums

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Earthboard Eco cake-drums are available in sizes ranging from 6in to 12in, gold or silver, and in 4500 and 6000 micron. Recyclable as board/paper, these cake-drums are an environmentally-friendly solution for cake makers... 


Popular products include

About Field & Fare

Sustainable packaging... and more

OUR aim is simple - to provide our customers with high-quality, unique, sustainable packaging. Our dynamic team uses science to continually innovate and produce game-changing products that make lives easier and help businesses stand out. 

Whether you're a farm-shop or a butchers shop, a fish restaurant or a florist, we have  packaging solutions that will make your products stand out, and make your customers happy. Field & Fare offers innovation, practicality and quality every time.

All our products are either recyclable or compostable.

Popular products include plastic-free stand-up barrier pouches, recyclable salmon boards, recyclable cake boards, and our sustainable tree-shelters.

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