FIELD & FARE (from Sirane)

Sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions & more... including stand-up pouches and quad-packs, salmon and charcuterie boards, cake boards and drums, tree-shelters, flower pouches!

Plastic-Free Packaging

Including stand-up pouches (Earthpouch)

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Recyclable Plastic Packaging

Our RePEat range

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Horticultural Products

Flower pouches, flower wraps & tree-shelters

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Flower packaging

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We offer both compostable flower pouches and (NEW) compostable flower wraps. These products have an absorbent layer which retains water and helps keep your flowers looking fresh. The perfect solution for florists looking for a greener solution...


Popular products include

About Field & Fare

Sustainable packaging... and more

OUR aim is simple - to provide our customers with high-quality, unique, sustainable packaging. Our dynamic team uses science to continually innovate and produce game-changing products that make lives easier and help businesses stand out. 

Whether you're a farm-shop or a butchers shop, a fish restaurant or a florist, we have  packaging solutions that will make your products stand out, and make your customers happy. Field & Fare offers innovation, practicality and quality every time.

All our products are either recyclable or compostable.

Popular products include plastic-free stand-up barrier pouches, recyclable salmon boards, recyclable cake boards, and our sustainable tree-shelters.

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